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Paul's letter to the Christians in Rome
updated 24th, November, 2019

Please note that these are unedited copies of my notes so they may include references to PowerPoint slides and other documents which are not available.
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Outline of Romans with links to sermons
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b.Paulís relationship to the Romans1:8-15
c.The theme of the Gospel1:16-17
A gospel to be proud of1:16-1717th April, 2005
The Gospel1:18-11:36
1.Godís wrath, judgement and manís sin revealed1:18-3:20
  a.The progression of sin1:18-328th June, 2008
  c.The Jew Ė no partiality2:17-3:8
True Religion2:17-2922nd June, 2008
  d.Universal condemnation3:9-20
2.The way of righteousness through faith3:21-5:21
  a.Righteousness apart from the Law3:21-31
Redemption 13th July, 2008
Atonement 20th July, 2008
  b.Abraham - the example of faith4:1-2514th Sepember, 2008
  c.Peace and Hope5:1-1124th November, 2019
  d. The Two Men: Jesus and Adam5:12-2112th October 2008
3.The way of Holiness6:1-8:39
  a.Freedom from sin6:1-23
  b.Freedom from Law7:1-25
Dead to the Law7:1-618th January, 2009
  c.Freedom from death8:1-39
Romans 88:1-3917th July, 2000
In all things God 8:2821st, November, 2010
Three Groans8:18-278th February, 2009
4. The outworking of the gospel in relation to Israel9:1-11:36
  a.Paul's concern9:1-5
  b.The call of God9:6-29
  c.The Word of Faith9:30-10:2126th April, 2009
  d.The mystery of God's faithfulness11:1-32
  e.Hymn of adoration11:33-36
Christian life-style12:1-15:13
1. The living sacrifice.12:1-2
HOPE 0912:2b    4th January, 2009
2. Christian practices12:3-13:14
  a.The communal life of Christians12:3-8
How tall are you?12:3-814th June, 2009
  b.The personal practices of the renewed mind12:9-13
  c.The Christian in relation to others12:14-21
Love in Action12:9-2121st June, 2009
  d.The Christian and the State.13:1-7
  e.Love and Duty13:8-10
  f.The Christian in crisis times13:11-14
Romans 1313:1-14August, 2000
3.Christian liberty and Christian love    14:1-15:6
  a.Conscience and liberty14:1-9
  b.Conscience, liberty and love in relation to others.14:10-15:6
4.The Christian and the Gentile 15:7-13
The weak and the Strong14:1-15:135th July, 2009
a.Paul's Mission15:14-21
b.Paulís plans for Rome and Spain15:22-29
c.A call for prayer on Paulís behalf15:30-33
Glory in the service of God15:14-3312th July, 2009
e.Individual greetings16:3-16
f.An appeal16:17-20
g.Greetings from Paulís mates16:21-23
h.Final Message16:24-27

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