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updated 10th November,2021

Please note that these are unedited copies of my notes so they may include references to PowerPoint slides and other documents which are not available.
The MP3 audio links are to the SRCF website.

John's Gospel - our Good News
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A Guide to John's Gospel
Introduction to John's Gospel(based on the guide) 15th January, 2006
The Holy Spirit in John's Gospel17th February, 2008
1. Revelation to the world 1:1-12:50
A.Jesus revealed as God incarnate 1:1-2:11
John the Baptist 1:19-34 & 3:22-3829th January, 2006
B.The Revolution 2:12-4:54
Portaits of Jesus - The Soul Winner4:1-425th, March, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
C.Jesus the mediator of life and judgement 5:1-6:71
John 5 Poolside
5:1-187th May, 2006
Life in Jesus
5:19-3014th May, 2006
D.Jesus, the apostle of God 7:1-10:21
Portaits of Jesus - The Good Shepherd10:1-2130th, April, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
E.Jesus,the resurection and life 10:22-12:50
Guard the Heart - Blinders of the Heart12:20-5015th, January, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
2. Revelation to the Disciples 13:1-17:26
A.Foot Washing 13:1-30
Betrayal, love and denial
13:18-3816th September, 2007
Jesus predicts his betrayal and Peter's Denial13:18-384th,March, 2018Waterloo Road Evening Service
B.The departure and return of Jesus 13:31-14:31
C.Jesus the true vine15:1-17 7th. November, 2021 link to YouTube service
D.The hatred of the world for the church 15:18-16:4a3rd February, 2008
Who is the Holy Spirit?15:267th. February, 2021
E.The joy that overcome tribulation 16:4b-33
Portaits of Jesus - The Greatest Gift Giver16:7-1518th, June, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
F.The prayer of consecration 17:1-26
3. The glorification of Jesus 18:1-21:25
A.The Arrest, trials and crucifixion of Jesus 18:1-19:42
The arrest and Trial of JesusJohn 189th March, 2008
B.The Resurrection 20:1-21:23

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