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Note that the material is arranged to reflect an overview of the subject and my sermons are not complete series as I share the teaching at SRCF with others.
Old Testament
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Psalms   Proverbs   Isaiah   Daniel   Hosea   Zechariah  
New Testament Matthew's Gospel   Mark's Gospel   John's Gospel   Romans   1 Corinthians   2 Corinthians  
Galatians   Ephesians   Colossians   1 Timothy   2 Timothy   Titus  
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Jesus predicts his betrayal and Peter's DenialSunday, 4th,March, 2018Waterloo Road Evening Service
The Final Week: Trouble at the TempleSunday, 25th,February, 2018 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Label Maker - Weak to StrongSunday, 14th,January, 2018 link to MP3 recording of sermon
The day of the Lord - Good News or Bad News?Sunday, 26th,November, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Half-hearted: FaithlessnessSunday, 5th,November, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Portaits of Jesus - The Greatest Gift GiverSunday,18th, June, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon

Mark's Gospel
The Final Week: Trouble at the Temple11:12-19Sunday, 25th,February, 2018 link to MP3 recording of sermon
superscription (1:1)
six disputes between Malachi/Yahweh and the addressees (1:2–3:21, Eng. 4:3)
A dispute about God’s love(1:2–5)
A dispute about God’s honour and fear (1:6–2:9)
A dispute about faithlessness (2:10–16)Sunday, 5th,November, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
A dispute about God’s justice (2:17–3:5)
A dispute about repentance (3:6–12)
A dispute about speaking against God (3:13–21, Eng. 3:13–4:3)
an admonition to remember the law of Moses (3:22, Eng. 4:4)
the announcement that Yahweh is sending Elijah
to turn the hearts of children to parents and vice-versa
before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes
(3:23–24, Eng. 4:5–6).
The Day of the Lord - Good News or Bad News?3:13-4:6Sunday, 26th,November, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon

1.The Return under Zerubabaal 1-6
The Reality of Restoration1Sunday, 2nd, October, 2016 link to MP3 recording of sermon
2.The Return under Ezra 7-10
3.The Return under NehemiahNehemiah 1-10

Confident Christian Living - 1 John
2.Confidence in Confession1:5-2:2Sunday, 24th, January, 2016 link to MP3 recording of sermon

Colossians - Centred on Jesus
1. Address and greeting1:1-3
From Paul1:1
To Colossae1:2
2. Substance of letter1:4-4:6
a. Thanksgiving1:4-8
b. Prayer for the church1:9-14
c. The nature of Jesus1:15-20
d. how we fit into this1:21-23
Creator and Redeemer1:1-23 Sunday, 1st, November, 2015 link to MP3 recording of sermon
e. .. ...
Living at home3:18-4:1Sunday, 15th, January, 2017 Waterloo Road, Uxbridge

Titus - young church in action
1. Address and greeting1:1-4
From Paul1:1-3
To Titus1:4a
2. Substance of letter1:5-3:7
a. Appointing Leadership1:5-9
we need good leaders1:1-9 Sunday, 12th, April, 2015 link to MP3 recording of sermon
b. Warnings against false teaching1:10-16
c. What must be taught2:1-3:7
What to teach various groups 2:1-10
A call to godliness 2:11-15
Christians in Society3:1-2Sunday, 10th May, 2015
The appearance and work of Jesus 3:3-7
following Jesus is best3:3-15Sunday, 7th, June, 2015 link to MP3 recording of sermon
3. Closing messages3:8-15
a. Closing encouragements3:8-11
b.personal messages and final greeting 3:12-15
Personal messages3:12-13
Final encouragement3:14
Final greeting3:15

Hosea - Faithful on a faithless society
1.1:1-3:5 Prophetic marriageSunday, 11th, January, 2015
a. 1:1 Title (Historical setting)
b. 1:2-9 the faithless wife
c. 1:10-2:23 Israel's unfaithfulness
d. 3:1-5 The faithful husband
2.4:1-13:16 The crimes and punishment of Israel
a. 4:1-5:15 The indictment
b. 6:1-7:16 Israel's short-lived repentance
c. 8:1-10:15 Israel's punishment
d. 11:1-11 God's love for Israel
e. 11:12-13:16 Sin and its punishment
3.14:1-9 Repentance, Forgiveness and restoration

Poems of passion
SorryPsalm 51Sunday, 5th, July, 2015 link to MP3 recording of sermon

The Chosen Few
Judges 4-5 Deborah, First Woman leader in IsraelSunday, 7th,September, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Judges 13-16 Samson, What a mess sex drive can makeSunday, 21st,September, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon

1 Corinthians Living Breathing Church
1. 1:1-9 Greeting and thanksgiving.
2. 1:10-6:20Disorders reported to Paul.
a. 1:10-4:21 Division in the church
1. 1:10-17Is Christ divided?26th January, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
2.1:18-2:5 Christ the wisdom and power of God
3.2:6-16 The wisdom of the Spirit.
4.3:1-23The servant leadership26th January, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
5.4:1-21Division is driven by arrogance.
b.5:1-13Sexual immorality (1)
c.6:1-11Use of heathen law-courts.
d.6:12-20Sexual immorality (2)
3.7:1-15:58Problems raised by Corinthians.
b.8:1-11:1 Meat offered to idols
9:1-17rights, freedoms and passionSunday, 4th,May, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
c.11:2-14:40Worshipping together
i.11:2-16 Decency in worship
ii.11:17-34The Lord's Supper
10:1-22; 11:1-33WorshipSunday, 11th, May, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
iii.12:1-14:25Spiritual gifts
1.12:1-11 Variety of gifts but same Spirit.
2.12:12-31Many parts but one body. Sunday 3rd September 2006
3.13:1-13The most excellent way of love. Sunday 10th December 1995
Love is ...Sunday, 25th, May, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
4.14:1-5Prophecy encouraged
1 Corinthians 14 Sunday 17th December 1995
5.14:6-12The importance of intelligible words.
6.14:13-19The right use of tongues.
7.14:22-25Tongues and prophecy and unbelievers.
iv. 14:26-40 Order in worship
d.15:1-58The ResurrectionSunday, 15th, June, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
4.16: 1-24Conclusion.

2 Corinthians
12:1-10Label Maker - Weak to Strong14th,January, 2018 link to MP3 recording of sermon

James - Faith Works
Greeting 1:1
Joy, Wisdom and Doubt 1:2-8
Staying Power1:9-1815th September, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Listening and doing 1:19-27
Favouritism is sin 2:1-13
Faith with Action2:14-2620th, October, 2013
Taming the untameable3:1-1827th, October, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Get close to God4:1-1710th, November, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Against wealth and for patience5:1-1217th, November, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
FaithWorks - The prayer of faith5:12-2024th, November, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon

Come, Lord Jesus
The thief in the nightMatthew 24:437th, April, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Everything New!Revelation 21-228th December, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon

Elijah - on fire for God
Famine1 Kings 17 18th, November,2012
Breakdown1Kings 192nd, December,2012 link to MP3 recording of sermon

More than Gold
Running the race of a lifetimeHebrews 12:1-2 24th June,2012
Training in Godliness1Timothy 4:7 1st, July,2012
Team Talk1Corinthians 3:5-11 8th, July,2012
Game PlanJohn 3:1622nd, July,2012

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IIGuard the Gospel1:3-18
a.Keep the faith1:3-7
b.Do not be ashamed of the Gospel 1:8-1222nd April,2012
c.Guard the Gospel 1:13-18
IIIBe Faithful2:1-26
Start the New year with Jesus2:11st January, 2012
a.Be strong; endure hardship 2:1-76th May,2012
b.Remember Jesus Christ2:8-13
c.A workman approved by God 2:14-26
IV Continue in what you have learned3:1-17
V Paul's charge to Timothy to Proclaim 4:1-810th June,2012
VI.Personal Remarks4:9-18
VIIFinal Greetings 4:19-21

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          Zechariah 4-615th, May, 2011
Zechariah 10-12 An new Shepherd29th, May, 2011

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Matthew - Manual for life
I.The origin ,infancy and beginning of the ministry of Jesus the Messiah.l:l – 4:25
Be Baptised3:13-1716th, January, 2011
II.The ethics of the Kingdom of God.5:l - 7:29(“The Sermon on the Mount”)
Disciple's Mind-set5:1-124th, September, 2011
Messages from the mountain- Salt and Light5:13-16Sunday, 8th, June, 2014 Waterloo Road evening service
Disciple's Standard5:17-2018th, September, 2011
Disciple's eyes5:27-3016th, October, 2011
Disciples Marriage5:31-3227th, November, 2011
III.Jesus the doer of mighty works.8:l - 9:34
IV.Jesus and his mission preachers.9:35 -10:42
Disciples troubles and rewards10:34-11:17th,October,2012 link to MP3 recording of sermon
V.The claims of Jesus the Messiah.11.l -12:50
Revelation11:25-3021st,October,2012 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Lord of the Sabbath12:1-1428th,October,2012 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Jesus good or evil?12:22-3710th, February, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
The sign of Jonah12:38-5017th, February, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
VI.Seven parables of the Kingdom of heaven.13:l - 52
The Parable of the Sower13:1-238th, April, 2016Waterloo Road, Uxbridge
VII.The ministry in Galilee 13:53 –17:27
VIII.Life in the Messianic community.l8:1-35
Lost and found18:1-14 23rd November, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
IX.The Messiah goes to Jerusalem. 19:l – 23:30
Marriage and Divorce19:1-1219th,October, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Who can join the Kingdom?19:13-3026th,October, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Inclusive Jesus19:13-153rd, April, 2011
The kingdom of God is about serving and compassion20:17-349th November, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Faith and Figs21:18-2210th, April, 2011
Prejudice against Jesus21:23-3230th November, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
A Prophetic Parable21:33-467th, December, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
The Parable of the Wedding Feast22:1-1421st, August, 2016Waterloo Road, Uxbridge
X.The fall of Jerusalem , the coming of the Son of Man and three parables of judgment.24:l – 25:46
Sheep and goats25:31-46Sunday, 19th, July, 2015 link to MP3 recording of sermon
XI.The passion, resurrection and post-resurrection narratives.26:l - 27:66

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Ephesians - Powered up in Christ
I1:1-2            Greeting
II1:3-14Spiritual Blessing in Christ3-10 SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS
III1:15-2:10Thanksgiving and Prayer for readers
a)1:15-23 A True Vision of ChristSPIRITUAL KNOWING
b)2:1-10 Made Alive in Christ6th, March, 2011
IV 2:11-22 One in Christ
V 3:1-13 The Mystery of God20th, March, 2011
VI 3:14-21Praying for the church
VII4:1-16The Unity of the Body
VIII4:17- 24New Life in Jesus
IX4:25-6:9The Practice of the New Life
you must no longer live as the Gentiles do
a) 4:25-32Day by day Christian Living10th, July, 2011
Be imitators of God
b) 5:1-14The Reflection of God.
Be filled with the Spirit
c) 5:15-20The fulness of the Spirit23rd, October, 2011
Submit to one another out of reverence to Christ
d) 5:21-33 Submission in Marriage
e) 6:1-4Submission in Family
f) 6:5-9Submission in Work
Be strong in the Lord
X6:10-20Armour-plated Christianity6th, November, 2011
XI6:21-24Final Greeting

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          The BIG TEN Commandments
1No other Gods
2 No Idols10th, October, 2010
3No misuse of God's name
4Remember the Sabbath11th, July, 2010
5Respect Parents13th, June, 2010
6No murder
7No Adultery11th, April, 2010
8No Stealing14th, March, 2010
9No lying
10No envy
For Freedom Christ has set us free!
1. Introduction 1:1-5
Rebuke Section (1:6-4:11)
2. The other gospel is not a gospel, it is a perversion 1:6-9
3. Paul's defence of the divine revelation of the gospel 1:10-2:21
a. Summary 1:10-12
b. Paul received the gospel from God 1:13-24
c. Paul consulted with the other apostles 2:1-10
d. Paul rebukes Peter at Antioch 2:11-14
e. Gentiles are saved by faith 2:15-21
4. Law and faith 3:1-5:1
a. Law or faith 3:1-14
b. The promise to Abraham 3:15-18
c. The purpose of the Law 3:19-4:7
d. Paul reproves the Galatians 4:8-20Real Freedom - Born to be free27th, June, 2010
Request Section, 4:12-6:10
e. The allegory of Hagar and Sarah 4:21-5:1
5. Christian freedom in the Spirit 5:1-6:10Real Freedom - Don't give up!18th, July, 2010
6. Post script 6:11-6:18
Dan Dares - the prophecy of Daniel
1.Four young exiles gain wisdom and prestige by maintaining holiness (1:1-21)Dan Dares .. to Diet!
2.God reveals Nebuchadnezzar's dream to Daniel and the Empire's destiny (2:1-49)Dan Dares ... tell a dream!
3.God demonstrates his power when three Jews choose burning rather than apostasy (3:1-30)Dan Dares ... well his friends do: challenge the emporer worship
4.Nebuchadnezzar Acknowledges God; Sanity Threatened, Lost, And Restored (3:31-4:34 [4:1-37])Dan Dares ... Pride18th, April, 2010
5.Belshazzar mocks God and is found wanting(5:1-6:1 [5:1-31])Dan Dares ... the writing on the wall
6.God demonstrates his power when Daniel chooses the lion pit rather than apostasy (6:2-29 [1-28])Dan Dares ... to pray!2nd, May, 2010
7.God reveals the world's destiny to Daniel (7:1-28)Dan Dreams about beasts16th, May, 2010
8.Gabriel Explains Daniel's Vision Of The Breaking Of The Greek Empire (8:1-27)
9.Daniel Prays For The End Of His People's Exile And His Prayer Is Heard (9:1-27)Dan dreams ...about 70 x 7?
10.A Celestial Figure Reveals To Daniel What Will Happen To His People At The End Of The Era (10:1-12:13)Dan Dreams ... to the end of time30th, May, 2010

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1 Timothy - Whats this 'godliness'?
Paul, Timothy and the Good News 1:3-20
Glorious gospel compared with false Teaching1:3-1117th, January, 2010
Paul's experience of the Good News1:12-17
The Good News committed to Timothy1:18-20
Instructions on Worship2:1-1531st, January, 2010
Principles of Prayer2:1-7
Conduct in the Church2:8-15
Leadership 3:1-167th, February, 2010
Deacons and wives or deaconesses3:8-12
Summary and Mystery of Godliness3:13-16
Instructions to TimothyGet Spiritually fit!4:1-16between 1984 & 1995
Discipline and Responsibility Practical godliness5:1-6:228th, February, 2010
General Principle5:1-2
Godliness and wealth6:3-10
Final exhortations6:11-21

"Called to be different"
          health          20th September, 2009
          in Politics18th October, 2009

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Beginnings: Creation Genesis 1
Adam and EveGenesis 2-32nd November 2008
Cain and AbelGenesis 49th November 2008
Men of Old Genesis 5
Noah Genesis 6-9
spreading out Genesis 10-11
The Patriarchs Abraham Genesis 11-25
IsaacGenesis 24-2830th November 2008
Jacob Genesis 25-35
Joseph Genesis 36-50
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Moses, Prince of Egypt - Let my people go!(4-12)27th, January, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon

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Possessing the Promise (1-12)
Divine Marching Orders (1:1-9) Chain of Command Organized (1:10-11)
The Transjordan tribes commanded (1:12-18) Rahab and the spies in Jericho (2:1-24)
Crossing Jordan (3:1-5:1) All Israel circumcised at Gilgal (5:2-15)
The making of a leader1-5:121st March, 2009
The fall of Jericho (6:1-27) The sin of Aachan (7:1-26)
Ai destroyed (8:1-29) Covenant renewed at Ebal (8:30-35)
AI7-815th March, 2009
Covenant Compromise (9:1-27) The Southern Sweep (10:1-43)
Northern Annihilation (11:1-23) Victory's Victims (12:1-24)
Dividing up the Land (13:1-19:51)
Life in the Land (20-24)

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Outline of Romans
Introduction     1:1-17
b.Paul’s relationship to the Romans1:8-15
c.The theme of the Gospel1:16-17
A gospel to be proud of1:16-1717th April, 2005

The Gospel    1:18-11:36
1.God’s wrath, judgement and man’s sin revealed    1:18-3:20
     a.The progression of sin1:18-328th June, 2008
b.Justice                               2:1-16
c.The Jew – no partiality2:17-3:8
True ReligionRomans 2:17-2922nd June, 2008
d.Universal condemnation3:9-20

2.The way of righteousness through faith     3:21-5:21
     a.Righteousness apart from the Law3:21-31
-    Redemption 13th July, 2008
-    Atonement 20th July, 2008
b.Abraham - the example of faith4:1-2514th Sepember, 2008
c.The blessings which accompany justification5:1-11
d. The Two Men: Jesus and Adam5:12-2112th October 2008

3. The way of Holiness    6:1-8:39
     a.Freedom from sin                    6:1-23
b.Freedom from Law7:1-25
Dead to the Law7:1-618th January, 2009
c.Freedom from death8:1-39
Romans 88:1-3917th July, 2000
In all things God 8:2821st, November, 2010
Three Groans8:18-278th February, 2009

4. The outworking of the gospel in relation to Israel    9:1-11:36
     a.Paul's concern9:1-5
b.The call of God9:6-29
c.The Word of Faith9:30-10:2126th April, 2009
d.The mystery of God's faithfulness11:1-32
e.Hymn of adoration11:33-36
Christian life-style     12:1-15:13
1. The living sacrifice.12:1-2
HOPE 0912:2b    4th January, 2009
2. Christian practices12:3-13:14
     a.The communal life of Christians12:3-8
          How tall are you?12:3-814th June, 2009
     b.The personal practices of the renewed mind12:9-13
     c.The Christian in relation to others12:14-21
           Love in Action12:9-2121st June, 2009
     d.The Christian and the State.13:1-7
     e.Love and Duty13:8-10
     f.The Christian in crisis times13:11-14
           Romans 1313:1-14August, 2000
3.Christian liberty and Christian love    14:1-15:6
    a.Conscience and liberty14:1-9
    b.Conscience, liberty and love in relation to others.14:10-15:6
4.The Christian and the Gentile 15:7-13
The weak and the Strong14:1-15:135th July, 2009

Epilogue    15:14-16:27
     a.Paul's Mission15:14-21
b.Paul’s plans for Rome and Spain15:22-29
c.A call for prayer on Paul’s behalf15:30-33
Glory in the service of God15:14-3312th July, 2009
e.Individual greetings16:3-16
f.An appeal16:17-20
g.Greetings from Paul’s mates16:21-23
h.Final Message16:24-27

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"So great Salvation! - DON'T MISS OUT"
IV Better than Aaron(ic) priesthood
The Third Warning: The Hazard of Spiritual Immaturity (5:11–6:12)
A Basis for Confidence and Steadfastness (6:13-20)
Melchizedek, the Royal Priest (7:1–10)
Jesus, Eternal Priest Like Melchizedek(7:11–28)
Jesus the Great High Priest5:11-7:2818th October, 2009
V A better sanctuary in heaven
Sanctuary and Covenant (8:1–13)
VI A better Covenant
Decisive purification through the Blood of Christ (9:11–28)
VII The better Sacrifice
The Ultimate Character of Christ’s Single, Personal Sacrifice for Sins (10:1–18)
The Fourth Warning: The Hazard of Disloyalty to Christ (10:19–39)
Wimbourne Court Service Enter the Most Holy Place 10:19-2514th,September, 2014
A greater sacrifice8-1022nd November, 2009
The Triumphs of Perseverance in Faith
... in the Antediluvian Era (11:3-7)
... in the Patriarchal Era (11:8-22)
... in the Mosaic Era (11:23-31)
... in Subsequent Eras (11:32-40)
The Display of the Necessary Endurance (12:1-13)
The Final Warning: The Peril of Refusing God's Gracious Word (12:14-29)
Life within the Confessing Community
Pastoral Directives (13:1-6)
Communal Directives (13:7-19)
Closing Doxology (13:20-21)
Personal Note (13:22-25)
fix your eyes on Jesus12-136th December, 2009

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Full Salvation - 2Peter
Outline of Letter: Greeting 1:1-2
Theme: - a call to Christian progress1:3-11
The truthfulness of the message1:12-21
The Last Days3:1-18 4th November, 2007

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outlinesection (sermons are highlighted)referencedate
A Guide to John's Gospel
Introduction to John's Gospel(based on the guide) 15th January, 2006
The Holy Spirit in John's Gospel17th February, 2008
1. Revelation to the world 1:1-12:50
A.Jesus revealed as God incarnate 1:1-2:11
John the Baptist 1:19-34 & 3:22-3829th January, 2006
B.The Revolution 2:12-4:54
Portaits of Jesus - The Soul Winner4:1-425th, March, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
C.Jesus the mediator of life and judgement 5:1-6:71
John 5 Poolside
5:1-187th May, 2006
Life in Jesus
5:19-3014th May, 2006
D.Jesus, the apostle of God 7:1-10:21
Portaits of Jesus - The Good Shepherd10:1-2130th, April, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
E.Jesus,the resurection and life 10:22-12:50
Guard the Heart - Blinders of the Heart12:20-5015th, January, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
2. Revelation to the Disciples 13:1-17:26
A.Foot Washing 13:1-30
Betrayal, love and denial
13:18-3816th September, 2007
Jesus predicts his betrayal and Peter's Denial13:18-384th,March, 2018Waterloo Road Evening Service
B.The departure and return of Jesus 13:31-14:31
C.Jesus the true vine 15:1-17
D.The hatred of the world for the church 15:18-16:4a3rd February, 2008
E.The joy that overcome tribulation 16:4b-33
Portaits of Jesus - The Greatest Gift Giver16:7-1518th, June, 2017 link to MP3 recording of sermon
F.The prayer of consecration 17:1-26
3. The glorification of Jesus 18:1-21:25
A.The Arrest, trials and crucifixion of Jesus 18:1-19:42
The arrest and Trial of JesusJohn 189th March, 2008
B.The Resurrection 20:1-21:23
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outlinesection (sermons are highlighted)referencedate
IsaiahIntroduction 10th June, 2007
Title 1:1
The Book of the King1-37
The Preface1:2-5:30
The Triumph of Grace6:1-12:624th June, 2007
Vision for Mission 20096:1-136th September, 2009
to us a child is born 9:1-716th December, 2007
The Universal Kingdom13:1-27:13
The Lord of History28:1-37:38
The Book of the Servant38-55
Hezekiah's fatal choice38:1-39:8
The consolation of the world40:1-42:17
The redemption of Israel42:18-44:23
The great deliverance44:24-48:22
The greater deliverance49:1-55:13
The Book of the Anointed Conqueror56-6622nd July, 2007
The ideal and the actual56:1-59:13
The coming of the Anointed Conqueror59:14-63:6
The Prayer and Response63:7-66:24

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Living Stones - Studies in 1Peter
Outline of Letter: Greeting 1:1-2
God's great salvation 1:3-12 29th April, 2007
A call to a changed life 1:13-2:10
The Christian in an alien world 2:11-3:12
The Christian and suffering 3:13-4:19
Discipleship 5:1-11 27th May, 2007
Conclusion 5:12-14

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Vision for Mission - South Ruislip Christian Fellowship responding to the love of God in Christ Jesus
"Three loves and four"
What on earth am I here for?2nd March, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Hope 20145th January, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
7 steps for 20136th, January, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Be imitators of God2nd, January, 2011
Press on! 5th, September, 2010
Vision for 20103rd, January, 2010
Vision for Mission 20096th September, 2009
HOPE 094th January, 2009
HOPE 2008 13th January, 2008
loveresponse to the love of Godsermon titledate
Love the Lord your God WorshipWorship Sunday, 8th January, 2006
Worship - a purpose of life Sunday, 11th January, 2007
PrayerDiscipleship - Prayer 7th October, 2007
Vision for Mission - Prayer16th, June, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Discipleship You were created to become like Christ30th, March, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Discipleship Sunday, 22nd October, 2006
Discipleship - a purpose of life Sunday, 4thMarch, 2007
The 'Beatitudes' Sunday, 15thApril, 2007
Discipleship in 1 Peter 5 27th May, 2007
Discipleship - Baptisn21st, July, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Discipleship - Prayer 7th October, 2007
Discipleship - Bible Reading 11th November, 2007
Discipleship - fasting 18th November, 2007
Discipleship - Sabbath-Making 25th November, 2007
Discipleship - Meditation 2nd December, 2007
Baptism preparation Talk 14th,September, 2014
TeachingHOPE 2008 13th January, 2008
Love your neighbour as yourself CommunityCommunity Care30th, June, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Tell others the Good NewsLove your neighbour means tell them about Jesus! Sunday, 5th March, 2006
A gospel to be proud of17th April, 2005
Mission Links
Love one another FellowshipFellowship Sunday, 11th June, 2006
Fellowship- a purpose of life Sunday, 18th February, 2007
Serving Serving Sunday, 3rdSeptember, 2006
Serving one another14th, July, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon

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Other Sermons
Engineering Life:Birth Matters6th, February, 2011
Tuesday Focus Fear the Lord your God19th, October, 2010
Harvest thanksgivingThank God for life3rd, October, 2010
Journey with Jesus How to sleep in a Storm - Trust in Jesus25th, July, 2010
The God who isWho is Jesus?24th May, 2009
Who is the Holy Spirit?31st May, 2009
The Body of Christ We are the body of Christ.. Sunday, 7thJanuary, 2007
2 Thessalonians Thanksgiving and Prayer ch1:1-12 Sunday, 10thSeptember, 2006
Micah Justice and Mercy -Micah 2-3 Sunday, 19thNovember, 2006
Money, Money, Money! Sunday, 26th February, 2006

The 'Festivals'
Christmas Carols 201216th, December,2012
Simeon and Anna26th, December, 2010
Have you received Jesus yet?19th, December, 2010
A Christmas ReflectionSunday, 28th December, 2008
Christmas Morning Talk25th December, 2008
Palm Sunday24th, March, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Palm Sunday 20095th April, 2009
Good Friday 2014 18th April, 2014
Easter Sunday 2006 Sunday, 16th April, 2006
Easter Sunday 200912th April, 2009
Easter Sunday 201124th, April, 2011
Where was everybody?Easter Sunday, 20th April, 2014 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Pentecost - reason to partySunday, 8th, June, 2014 Pentecost celebration
Come, Holy Spirit19th, May, 2013 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Send the Fire, O Lord12th, June, 2011
Pentecost Sermon 2009 31st May, 2009
Pentecost Sermon 2008 11th May, 2008
Pentecost Sermon 20064th June, 2006
Pentecost Sermon 2004 30th May, 2004
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Some of the ol' Proverbial
Must Know verse Proverbs 3:5-6 Sunday 24th, October, 2010
1. Trust God Sunday 27th November, 2005
2. The Way Sunday 4th December, 2005
3. Sex Drive and its Hazards
Sunday 11th December 2005
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