Sermon (14K)
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updated 13th., March, 2022

Please note that these are unedited copies of my notes so they may include references to PowerPoint slides and other documents which are not available.
The MP3 audio links are to the SRCF website.

Outline of Revelation:
Letters to the seven churches1:9-3:22
General letter1:9-20
1. Ephesus 2:1-7
2. Smyrna 2:8-11
3. Pergamum 2:12-17
4. Thyatira 2:18-29
5. Sardis 3:1-6
6. Philadelphia 3:7-13Sunday,13th, March, 2022 link to YouTube service
7. Laodicea 3:13-22
The Seven Seals of the suffering church4:1-8:1
The setting4:1-5:14
5.Suffering of witnesses6:9-11 cataclysm6:12-17
The church indestructible7:1-17
7. Silence8:1
The Seven Trumpets8:2-11:18
The setting8:2-6
Seven Visions of Cosmic Conflict11:19-15:4
The setting11:19-12:4
The Seven Bowls15:5-16:21
The setting15:5-16:1
Babylon, the whore - Seven Words17:1-19:10
Seven Visions of Reality19:11-21:8
The New Jerusalem: Final Seven Revelations21:9-22:19
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