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updated 1st, April, 2019
Please note that these are unedited copies of my notes so they may include references to PowerPoint slides and other documents which are not available.
The MP3 audio links are to the SRCF website.

Possessing the Promise (1-12)
Divine Marching Orders (1:1-9)
Chain of Command Organized (1:10-11)
The Transjordan tribes commanded (1:12-18)
Rahab and the spies in Jericho (2:1-24)
Crossing Jordan (3:1-5:1)
All Israel circumcised at Gilgal (5:2-15)
Preparing to enter the Promised landJoshua 5Sunday, 27th, January, 2019 link to MP3 recording of sermon
The making of a leader1-5:121st March, 2009
The fall of Jericho (6:1-27)
The sin of Aachan (7:1-26)
Ai destroyed (8:1-29)
Covenant renewed at Ebal (8:30-35)
AI7-815th March, 2009
Steps in the Promised landJoshua 8 Sunday, 24th, February, 2019 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Covenant Compromise (9:1-27)
The Southern Sweep (10:1-43)
Northern Annihilation (11:1-23)
Victory's Victims (12:1-24)
Dividing up the Land (13:1-19:51)
Life in the Land (20-24)
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