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updated 4th, April 2019
Please note that these are unedited copies of my notes so they may include references to PowerPoint slides and other documents which are not available.
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Dan Dares - the prophecy of Daniel
1.Four young exiles gain wisdom and prestige by maintaining holiness (1:1-21)Dan Dares .. to Diet!
2.God reveals Nebuchadnezzar's dream to Daniel and the Empire's destiny (2:1-49)Dan Dares ... tell a dream!
3.God demonstrates his power when three Jews choose burning rather than apostasy (3:1-30)Dan Dares ... well his friends do: challenge the emporer worship
4.Nebuchadnezzar Acknowledges God; Sanity Threatened, Lost, And Restored (3:31-4:34 [4:1-37])Dan Dares ... Pride18th, April, 2010
5.Belshazzar mocks God and is found wanting(5:1-6:1 [5:1-31])Dan Dares ... the writing on the wall
6.God demonstrates his power when Daniel chooses the lion pit rather than apostasy (6:2-29 [1-28])Dan Dares ... to pray!2nd, May, 2010
7.God reveals the world's destiny to Daniel (7:1-28)Dan Dreams about beasts16th, May, 2010
8.Gabriel Explains Daniel's Vision Of The Breaking Of The Greek Empire (8:1-27)
9.Daniel Prays For The End Of His People's Exile And His Prayer Is Heard (9:1-27)Dan dreams ...about 70 x 7?
10.A Celestial Figure Reveals To Daniel What Will Happen To His People At The End Of The Era (10:1-12:13)Dan Dreams ... to the end of time30th, May, 2010

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