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updated 24th, March, 2019

Please note that these are unedited copies of my notes so they may include references to PowerPoint slides and other documents which are not available.
The MP3 audio links are to the SRCF website.

Colossians - Centred on Jesus
1. Address and greeting1:1-3
From Paul1:1
To Colossae1:2
2. Thanksgiving1:4-8
3. Be filled with this:1:9-23
a. Prayer for the church1:9-14
b. The nature of Jesus1:15-20
c. Reconciliation Accomplished and Applied 1:21-23
Creator and Redeemer1:1-23 Sunday, 1st, November, 2015 link to MP3 recording of sermon
Twice mine!1:1-23 Sunday 9th July 2017Northolt Park Baptist
4. Paul's Mission and Pastoral Concern1:24-2:5
5. The Antidote to Error: Christ in All His Fullness 2:6-23
a. The Antidote to Error 2:6-15
b. Greek philosophy2:8-10
c. Circumcision2:11-15
d. Legalism2:16-23
6. a. 4 imperatives of spirituality3:1-8
       1.Seek the things above (3:1)
       2.Set your minds on things above (3:2-4)
       3.Put to death what is earthly in you (3:5-6)
       4.Put away the life you once lived 8-11
b. Put on the Graces of Christ3:12-17
c. Living at home3:18-4:1Sunday, 15th, January, 2017 Waterloo Road, Uxbridge
7. Final admonitions: persistence in prayer and right behaviour toward Outsiders4:2-6

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