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updated 25th, March, 2019Please note that these are unedited copies of my notes so they may include references to PowerPoint slides and other documents which are not available.
The MP3 audio links are to the SRCF website.

1 Timothy - Whats this 'godliness'?
Paul, Timothy and the Good News 1:3-20
Glorious gospel compared with false Teaching1:3-1117th, January, 2010
Paul's experience of the Good News1:12-17
The Good News committed to Timothy1:18-20
Instructions on Worship2:1-1531st, January, 2010
Principles of Prayer2:1-7
Conduct in the Church2:8-15
Leadership 3:1-167th, February, 2010
Deacons and wives or deaconesses3:8-12
Summary and Mystery of Godliness3:13-16
Instructions to TimothyGet Spiritually fit!4:1-16between 1984 & 1995
Discipline and Responsibility Practical godliness5:1-6:228th, February, 2010
General Principle5:1-2
Godliness and wealth6:3-10
Final exhortations6:11-21

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