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1. Assessing your circumstances Sorting out your finances; getting what financial help that is available lots of information about redundancy, jobseeking, etc.
at the same time
This includes informing your mortgage company, checking what benefits you are entitled to Help and advice on tackling debt.
2. 'Sign on' at
Job Centre Information.
Help and advice on tackling debt.
Debt Counselling
govuk (4K)The 'Jobcentreplus' will require you to join Universal Jobmatch
To do this you will need an email address.We will help you open an email account, get signed up and operate 'Universal JobMatch'
Helps for Universal Job Search:When you are given a job ID only to apply for:If the Job Centre gives you a reference number to apply for a job,log in to Universal Job search, search for any job.
Then replace the job ID in the URL with the job ID you are looking for and delete everything to right.
This should give you the job information you are looking for.
3. Evaluating yourselfWhat jobs would you like doing? What other jobs like the one you had fit your skills, and character? What jobs (temporary or otherwise)would you do to keep money coming in?
naric (10K)
NARIC A way to find out how your qualifications (from other countries) compare to British qualifications and a means to certify them
4. Write a CVA guideline .rtf file to get you started
CV template
A useful set of guidelines to help you to think through how to make the best presentation of yourself.
Writing a CV
We can help here with advice, IT support, typing it up, saving it on a USB stick and more!
4.Search for jobs Use the links on this website to find possible jobs

Universal Jobmatch

Local Companies websites

Local Employment agencies websites

links to employment agency websites

5. Apply for jobsgo on, DO IT!Now keep doing it! The job Centre requires you to apply for three a week.More is better.We can help you with on-line applications, downloading and printing forms, printing copies of your CV
6. Deal with rejectionYou are unlikely to get the first job you apply for. And after the umteenth non answer or interview, it takes courage to put it behind and look forwardYou need Job Seekers' Club!
7. InterviewMake sure you have read what the company does Get help on interviews so you are prepared and then relax and do your best! Preparing for an interview
8. Accepting a new jobIt does happen! In fact people keep leaving Job Seekers' Club because they have a job. So will you!

updated 22nd March, 2018