Job Seekers' Club
Thursday Mornings from 9:30am to 11am

Coffee, tea and conversation, Internet Access ... Advice on Job Hunting, CVs, Debt Management ... The place for you until you get your next job!
updated: 15th.June, 2017
South Ruislip Christian Fellowship initials
at South Ruislip Christian Fellowship,
Deane Avenue
South Ruislip,
(off Station Approach,
behind 'Creations of Beauty')

Job Seekers' Club,
South Ruislip Christian Fellowship,
Deane Avenue,
South Ruislip,


tel: 020 8842 9636

Job Seekers' Club in South Ruislip has been running since 2008. It came about as the church had a number of people made redundant.
So we set up the club to pool information and encourage each other in the hunt for a job. Then we invited people to join us like you! By definition this club self-destructs as people get a job and move on, so Phil Platt has been convenor and has accumulated the expertise to share with you.
There tends to be only a small number of people attending simply because people gets jobs. The advantage is that you get personal attention.
This website is under constant development as we find new useful sites and remove redundant ones. It contains over 50 links to job sites and is full of advice originating from Job Seekers' themselves.

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